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Small steps to start

In a lot of the articles and books I’ve been reading lately about being more productive, creating and tackling just about anything, starting small is the big deal because those little baby steps add up to giant leaps.

One of the questions during my interview for the Global Women Who Ride project was about working on your bike and maintenance, to which my answer was that I do not although I want to. I think you should know how to do even basic maintenance like chain tightening, when to put air in your tires and proper air pressure for your tires.  So today I decided to do that one baby step (and baby step it was!). The battery was out of the bike to charge it and I decided that I would be the one to put it back in. I assumed correctly this was very simple and it was but I already learned 3 things.

1 – I now know how to get the seat off my new bike.
2 – The colors of the wires coordinate with the color marked on the batter for the terminals.
3 – Always connect the positive first.

An voila! Connected properly and running just fine!


Signed up for a cool motorcyle project!

My boyfriend forwarded me a link today for a project called ‘Global Women Who Ride‘. It’s an ambitious project for sure and I’m excited to see where it goes! Here’s a little more info about it, if you’re interested in signing up, know someone who would or just want to read the interviews as they’re posted.

About the Global Women Who Ride Project
Headed up by Rashmi Tambe, [her] aim with this ambitious new project is to highlight women motorcyclists across the globe and provide an insight into what a motorcycle rider in another country looks like, what she loves about riding in her particular part of the planet, and what commonalities and differences there are in her riding experiences vs. those of other riders.

Just for fun – Heather’s bike

Just had a great weekend at the Rhinebeck Wine Festival! I found a dee-licious Gewurtzraminer. I wish I had bought more than two bottles! I met up with my girls after dropping the boyfriend off for his two week adventure in Colorado and Utah. So excited for him. Here is the group before sending them off on a long 30 hour road trip.


One of the girls I met up with rides a Honda Shadow and loves pink, clearly marrying the two with gusto! While I might never trick my bike out in pink, it certainly fits my friend Heather. And I won’t fault a girl who rides. 🙂


I can also flat foot on her bike, which is something I cannot do on mine… unless you count tilting to one side and only flat footing one foot! (The pink swirl on the front is a cat decal – she’s also a vet tech and cat aficionado.)


Wishing to Ride

The weather has been so perfect here in WV today. I’ve seen all these motorcycles out, groups of them, just enjoying the twisty roads and the beautiful day. I wish I had my bike down here so I could just get away for a bit. Hopefully when I get back home, I’ll get a few rides in before the weather gets too chilly but I won’t be back until early October. Unless the BF decides to buy me heated gear then maybe I can extend my season!

ps – after reading “unless the BF decides to buy me heated gear”, I felt very greedy or something. I don’t want to give the impression that expect it, rather, it would be a generous gesture from him but totally on his own accord. I would love to have some heated gear, but as a fledgling design company of one, it is not something I could purchase for myself right now.

Stars on Bikes (that also do Pilates!)

Tricia Helfer of Dark Blue

Tricia Helfer of Dark Blue

It’s funny how perception changes once something new has come into your life. I probably would have noticed this little sidebar article in SELF Magazine but maybe not or I would have just skimmed over it quickly. Now that I have a bike, I was much more excited by it! And what a great way to use your bike and celebrity – raise money for a good cause! She is featured in the October 2010 SELF Magazine. We’ll just ignore the fact that she is in a woman’s magazine about being your best self and being true to who you are and she looks like she is actually supposed to be in Esquire. Not that I think she’s unattractive or don’t appreciate the female body but sometimes, some images just seem out of place.

She also does Pilates, of which I am a big fan, and when I was taking the MSF course, they put a lot of emphasis on posture – sitting up straight and not leaning on the handlebars – and I thought, man, is Pilates going to come in handy for this! Not that I don’t already sing its praises to the heavens for ridding me of chronic hip pain but it just keeps proving itself to be the best form of exercise I’ve ever found.

I am officially official!

I have passed the MSF and got my license today!! The trip to the DMV was actually quite fast. Maybe going first thing in the morning isn’t the best idea. Maybe that’s what everyone thinks or has to do because of work so 11ish is better because everyone is gone!

On the Schedule

Booked next week for little ole me is the MSF course. Two days back to back for 11 1/2 hours. Wow. The boyfriend is very excited. He’s walking around the house going “Next week you can take the bike out on your own and you won’t need me”. This may be true but I have a feeling after 11 1/2 hours, it’s a glass of wine or a beer and then to bed. That is what my dad, when I was in high school, liked to call ‘Brain Drain’. Indeed. That’s probably what my brain will be. Drained.

I have been wanting to take the course for the whole summer but lack of full-time employment has hindered it from happening. I was HOPING the boyfriend would front the money a little sooner than this and then I would pay him back when I become a full-time contributing member of society again. And I will, believe me and he knows that. That was the deal. He buys the bike, I pay for the course. Why suddenly has he decided to front the caaaaash money? Colors in the Catskills.

So thank you Adventure Rider for making sure I get my ability to ride before the frost sets in. Much love! 😉

A Quick Pic

Little ShackI am visiting my family in West Virginia and the boyfriend rode his bike down to meet me. Today we went to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Fair because my Aunt designs and creates renaissance and medieval clothing for her company, Annie Laurie Cloaks. We stopped along the way to loosen the chain – he didn’t think it felt right and we stopped right in front of these great little buildings and I am very happy with the photo of my little shack! You can view the full photo on flickr.