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Not Exactly How I Thought it Would Go…

The day started out uneventful though extremely hot. The weather has been brutal this summer! I had my camel pack full of half water and half sports drink, which I probably won’t do again or at least not that flavor! I expected to arrive at the rally early Friday evening, on my bike and set up camp near a woman named Dawn whom I’d ridden with before and I knew would be at the rally. Instead, I arrived early Saturday morning, driving a 10’ Uhaul, bike strapped inside with a flat back tire. I was less than 100 miles out when the bike was shaking in a way I’d never felt before – I couldn’t even read the GPS from the intensity of the vibration. I pulled off at the next exit and got to a gas station and woo hoo! my first flat tire. I called the boyfriend to […]

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First Trip, Day 2: Roundout Reservoir and Hunter Mountain

Another beautiful day though it got a little chilly toward the late afternoon and I didn’t sleep very well the night before. I was a little cold and, well, never really been camping so was a new experience! My parents were not the outdoorsy type so we didn’t do much of that growing up. I don’t think I ever complained about it, either! Day 2 – Roundout Reservoir and Hunter Mountain I assume this gets easier ha ha! There was a hairpin turn and a traffic circle at Hunter Mountain. I did NOT do well on the hairpin. He talked me through the traffic circle through the SENA headset. Look where you want the bike to go. Lean the bike. Sure. I’ll do that. :p

First Trip, Day 1: Neversink Reservoir

I made it! I won’t lie though – it was a challenge. I don’t know that I was ready for a ride like that as a first ride, but right – I made it. He had me plan the ride out and I know he enjoyed it. Lots of twisty roads, beautiful fall days. Not too shabby. We left on Saturday the 13th and came back the 14th. The first stop was at Campmor for a sleeping bag for yours truly since it would be a little awkward – and damn cold – with no sleeping bag. Day 1 – Neversink Reservoir