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Shiny new bike!

After 2 1/2 years of riding and 8,000 miles, it looks as thought the 2006 BMW F650 GS will become a bike I used to own. I now have a shiny new Husqvarna 650 Terra! The boyfriend has been doing his research and thought this would be a good bike for me. I went to visit my parents over Thanksgiving and while visiting some friends in Pittsburgh, I stopped a local dealer there, Schulz Cycle, to try the bike on for size. It was definitely high though weighted differently than the BMW. We both went down to my parents for Christmas and drove back to that dealer so he could see it and I could sit on it again. It was still high but it has the ability to be lowered. We had lunch at a local dive (really good marinara sauce though!) and talked it over, gave it some […]

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Riding my Ride

As always it’s nice to spend time at the parent’s house in West Virginia. It’s fun living in the city but it’s nice to have somewhere a little off the beaten path to go and take it easy. Coffee on the porch with dad in the morning is pretty hard to beat. Unless it’s a cold beer on the porch in the afternoon. 🙂 It’s been good practice having the bike down here, especially since I’ll be riding solo for the first time in a few days! They live off of a nice twisty road so I’ve been taking the bike out every day and just riding. I’ll pick an errand to run simply because it’s efficient but I’m really just practicing those turns. I’ve been taking the same direction every day but am going to have to go the other way before I leave. There is a left hand, […]

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Day trip in WV

I went on a trip to see my parents. The big guy decided to ride his bike down. While he was here we went out on a day trip. It was a beautiful day but it was SO hot. When we were on straight stretches without much to look at it was hard to stay awake. I confess my head bobbed forward a few times! And this is not a cushy Gold Wing or other road bike set up for passenger comfort (and safety) on a long haul. His bike offered little in the way of keeping me on other than me hanging on which required me to be awake. I started to come up with imaginative ways of using bungee cords to strap myself on to keep my brain busy. What a relief when we turned down what became a twisty road with shade! We rode for a while […]

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