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Wishing to Ride

The weather has been so perfect here in WV today. I’ve seen all these motorcycles out, groups of them, just enjoying the twisty roads and the beautiful day. I wish I had my bike down here so I could just get away for a bit. Hopefully when I get back home, I’ll get a few rides in before the weather gets too chilly but I won’t be back until early October. Unless the BF decides to buy me heated gear then maybe I can extend my season! ps – after reading “unless the BF decides to buy me heated gear”, I felt very greedy or something. I don’t want to give the impression that expect it, rather, it would be a generous gesture from him but totally on his own accord. I would love to have some heated gear, but as a fledgling design company of one, it is not […]

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Riding my Ride

As always it’s nice to spend time at the parent’s house in West Virginia. It’s fun living in the city but it’s nice to have somewhere a little off the beaten path to go and take it easy. Coffee on the porch with dad in the morning is pretty hard to beat. Unless it’s a cold beer on the porch in the afternoon. 🙂 It’s been good practice having the bike down here, especially since I’ll be riding solo for the first time in a few days! They live off of a nice twisty road so I’ve been taking the bike out every day and just riding. I’ll pick an errand to run simply because it’s efficient but I’m really just practicing those turns. I’ve been taking the same direction every day but am going to have to go the other way before I leave. There is a left hand, […]

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eeek! The First Lesson!

So after three mornings at the DMV (oy) the bike is now registered with us. Despite the ‘oy’ at spending three mornings at the DMV I really never waited that long and honestly, it’s a fairly efficient system. The third day was because of a mistake on their part, which, while yay! that it wasn’t my mistake, what can you do? I don’t even want to know how many registrations and licenses and titles and permits they process in a day. It’s New York. There is always a line and there is always traffic. And I give a lot of credit to the boyfriend who was extremely thorough in filling out the paperwork. The one part he missed, which caused the second day, was completely understandable. The wording made the signature seem optional rather than mandatory. Anyway, more on the DMV than you want to know or I meant to […]

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