Off-road motorcycling is pretty much the best thing I never knew I wanted to do.

When I started this journey in 2010, I knew of Motorcross and road riding (basically Harleys). When the big guy and I got motorcycles, I figured we’d do road riding because we certainly weren’t going to do Motorcross. Little did I know what I was getting into, which was probably a good thing.

Within the first year or two, the big guy discovered ADV Rider and the journey began. There have been some great rides and one that almost made me stop riding all together. We weren’t riding enough for me to get better and, frankly, it just felt dangerous for me to be out on a bike. But when I told him that, he wouldn’t let me give up.

He bought me a different bike, the Husqvarna 650 Terra and I took the Pine Barrens Off-Road Course which made a huge difference. And we both made an effort to go on more rides.

And here I am, still riding so I guess it paid off. Thankfully.